Unscented Bitter Gourd Soap 苦瓜藤皂 (40g)

RM6.00 MYR

Traditional Chinese remedy recommends bathing the new-born baby with boiled dried bitter gourd vine to detoxify baby’s skin and to heal eczema & heat rash/prickly heat. You don’t need 30 bundles for 30days, just 1 bar of Bitter Gourd Vine Soap for your new born baby.

Virgin Olive Oil, Palm Kernel Oil, Palm Oil, Avocado Oil, Refined Sheabutter, Bitter Gourd Vine & Mineral Water.
Soap need Love too...
Same like our skin, Natural Soap need to be take good care in order to last for longer time. Allow the soap to dry off using our special designed Soap Pouch and Wooden Soap Dish, keeping the soap dry and intact after each use.